Big thanks to “Friends” for all the life lessons, but especially for these great interview “tips”.

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I’ve been job searching for about two months now (off and on of course).  Every time I search for a marketing job I get these leads to basically outsourced sales jobs. The thing that angers me is that they look legit, they look very promising actually. BUT they are almost always solely commission-only salary and no benefits. What to do?! It’s the most frustrating thing in the world! Has this ever happened to you? Because it’s killing my job searching spirit.


Posted: April 24, 2011 in job searching
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I had two interviews on Thursday around the  DC area. They both looked to be legit marketing job. Before and after each interview I did a personal interview.

Unfortunately the computer I am currently on will not recognize the files so I will upload them hopefully tomorrow sometime so check back tomorrow night!

I’ve been searching pretty franticly lately for a job, and I was getting a lot of the same results for specific locations. So I used google’s job searching function (that I used in a previous posting).  It led to some excellent opportunities! I sent out about seven resumes tonight so we’ll see if we get any bites! Cross your fingers! Try it too! Maybe it will help your job searching too!

In a class I’m taking we’ve been talking a lot about the difference between a digital native and a digital immigrant. We talked about the handicap that digital immigrants give themselves in a job setting when the refuse to learn the ways of the changing internet and the ins and outs of computers. What do you guys think? Do you think someone that refuses to learn how to use the computer should be able to keep a job?

Remember when I told you that Craigslist was a great tool to use? I have proof! This week I had three emails from job postings that I replied to on Craigslist. One of them lead to a phone interview with a pretty great outcome. (I’ll keep you posted) But in the meantime, go to Craigslist and check out the jobs they have posted!

Remember that book, by Dr. Seuss? Oh the Places You Will Go

Well I am feeling that book of late. As May quickly approaches I get a little more stressed out each day. As I plan for my future, the idea of location comes to the forefront of my mind, and I freak out just thinking about it. The hard part is I’m not the only party involved. Since I’m engaged and getting married in September I can’t really pick a location that suits me, it has to suit both of us. The problem is he’s from Virginia and I’m from Pennsylvania. He also has a job in Sterling, however, the job isn’t amazing and he does not thoroughly enjoy it. And for the money he’s making-if he doesn’t love it then why settle in pay? This wasn’t a problem until super recently. I had been fine with staying in Virginia (as I’ve been in college here for 4 years) but when I began to look for jobs around the area I realized there wasn’t as much opportunity here as there is in central PA. Surprisingly (I know extremely surprising) central Pennsylvania has not been hit hard by the recession and there are still plenty of jobs there and comparing living expenses-living there would be a tad bit less expensive. ( And selfishly it’s closer to my family and friends) So, what do I do? Do I continue looking for jobs both places and hope that  I “get a sign”? My fiance and I have obviously talked about it, and he’s open to the possibility. However, it’s the biggest stress in my life right now.